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Sunday Sessions


I am excited to start a new project, a project that involves getting back to basics. I have been blessed with a beautiful studio space, and it has inspired me to get back to what I love most: painting fast portraits from life.

I cannot accomplish this project without YOU!  You are the most important element of this project. I invite you to come spend a few hours with me as my model during one of my Sunday Sessions. I'm asking friends, family, acquaintances and unknown guests to help me accomplish my goal of producing 30 portraits over the next year. This project is planned to begin in May 2020, but applications to participate as a model are open now!


Sunday Sessions will require that the person sitting/posing for me commits 3 hours from 1pm - 4pm, on a Sunday that we both agree on at my studio (located in downtown Fort Worth, TX). The sitter has the opportunity to present themselves to me how they choose. 

Please fill out the application to be considered as a potential volunteer model/sitter. I appreciate your time and willingness to participate! Once you submit the form, I will respond with available dates to choose from.

Terms & Conditions

Ariel Davis can paint one or two people at a time only. Ariel will not consider groups of 3 or more. All volunteer sitters will be required to sign a release of liability form and photo and filming consent form. Ariel Davis may or may not live record or live stream the session online. At the end of the sitters session, Ariel will take pictures of the sitter for reference to finish the painting. The paintings will be owned Ariel Davis. Volunteer sitters will have the opportunity to purchase their portrait at a discounted rate, with the understanding that it will be included in an exhibition once the 30 portraits are finished. 

Sunday Sessions 


Please fill out the application below. 

Tell me what inspired you to apply for portrait consideration, and tell me about yourself.

Please note that not everyone who applies will be selected for a portrait.

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